"... thawing separated fish is much easier than thawing massive blocks, this because of the larger accessable area on single fish."


"... this is of great importance for the yield and final quality."


The Seagain thawing method was invented since many processors with conventional thawing were complaining about poor outcome.  

Conventional thawing is often done in tubs or tanks with lukewarm water and violent air injection, in which massive deep-frozen fish-blocks are submerged for a lengthy treatment time. This causes overexposure of the outermost layer of the block, meaning the fish-meat in this area deteriorates when some proteins detach and disappear as foam.   The quality and yield suffer.

Seagain refuses to use raised temperature and air-injection when thawing raw fish intended for high quality final products. The Seagain method involves tempering and state-of-the-art separation of the block-frozen fish, to create more "surface" before the fish are gently defrosted in relatively cold but active circulating water brine.
Thawed fish sinks when little frost remains inside. Then the fish are collected in tubs with icy brine, for equilibration to e.g. -1°c prior to further treatment.   This means top quality final products and better yield.

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